La Savane V01: The fascinating animals of the world

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La Savane V01: The fascinating animals of the world

The fascinating animals of the world
Volume 1: The Savannah
Discover the wonders of the African savannah and meet the beautifully illustrated lion, elephant, giraffe and many more amazing creatures.

Directed by Mosean by Paris Style and Technology.

Fascinating Animals of the World

Discover the series "The Fascinating Animals of the World"

A captivating series of children's books that transports them to a world filled with majestic and fascinating animals!

These educational books are designed for children ages 0-8 and teach animals sound, color, and characteristics.

In the first volume La Savane,

children will venture across the vast plains of the African savannah, where the roar of the lion, the trumpeting of the elephant and the growl of the rhinoceros resound. They will also encounter the grace of the giraffe and the feistiness of the cheetah, among other incredible inhabitants of the savannah.

In the second volume The Forest,

young explorers get lost in the mysteries of the lush forest. They will discover the fascinating inhabitants of majestic trees, sparkling streams and mysterious undergrowth.

In the third volume The Ocean,

children will dive into the depths of the ocean, where a variety of amazing creatures await them. From playful dolphins to ferocious sharks and majestic turtles, they will explore an underwater world full of wonders.

In the fourth volume La Maison,

young readers will discover the animals that share our daily life at home. From loyal dogs and curious cats to goldfish and songbirds, they'll get to know their four-legged friends better.

In the fifth volume The Farm,

toddlers will explore life on the farm. They will meet peaceful cows, flirtatious hens, elegant horses and many other animals that help make farm life so interesting.

In the sixth volume La Banquise,

young adventurers will discover the icy world of the pack ice. They will meet majestic polar bears, playful penguins and curious seals, as they learn to appreciate the beauty and fragility of this unique environment.

In the seventh volume The Desert,

children will go on an adventure in the desert, where they will meet amazing creatures that have developed unique adaptations to survive in this arid climate. From tough camels to nimble lizards, they will explore the amazing diversity of the desert.

In the eighth volume The Jungle,

young explorers will embark on an expedition into the lush jungle, where an abundance of wildlife awaits them. They will get to know the playful monkeys, brightly colored birds and many other amazing creatures of this dense ecosystem.

In the ninth volume The Mountain,

toddlers will scale majestic mountain peaks, where they will encounter brave animals that inhabit these cold, rocky regions. From agile ibexes to majestic eagles, they will learn to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the mountains.

In the tenth and final volume Le Marais,

the youngest adventurers will explore the mysteries of the marsh, a unique ecosystem where land and water meet. They will meet the singing frogs, flamingos and migratory birds that inhabit this fascinating environment.

These books are the perfect companion for little explorers who want to learn more about animals. Each volume is designed to captivate their curiosity and arouse their interest in the diversity of animal life on our planet.

Publisher: Mosean by Paris

Author: Moses.S

Language: French

Paperback: 24 pages

ISBN-13: 979-8853104464

Reading age: 0 - 8 years old

Item Weight: 81.6g

Dimensions: 18.01 x 0.15 x 17.5 cm

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