Découvrez les nouveaux avantages membre et fidélité !



Découvrez les nouveaux avantages membre et fidélité !

Some loyalty benefits :

A 100% digital loyalty program
Welcome offer :
Up to -15% + free delivery on your next purchase *
Un A voucher Up to20€*

Gift vouchers
Sponsorship, like, sharing, comment
E-mails in preview on the novelties


Become a member & get up to -15%
a voucher Up to € 20 *
and free delivery on your next purchase * !

How to register

To become a member, create an account on mosean-paris.fr. If you are already a member, your account will be updated automatically once you accept the new terms and conditions of use. If you have a classic customer account on mosean-paris.fr, you just need to become a member.

Make money

Join our sponsorship program by inviting your family and friends through social networks. For even more money, also apply for our new innovative affiliate and loyalty programs.
Its programs are not public, so please submit an application.

Use your benefits

Once your benefits have been acquired, your "Euro" can be exchanged for "Reduction Vouchers", which can even be applied to your method of payment. You can find its elements in the "My Account" tab, on your Smartphone, tablet, or your computer.

Premium Member!

Win on prizes, delivery and get more out of your membership!
As a Premium member, you benefit from the Maximum advantages of "Mosean by Paris" with a unique VIP access, containing crazy discounts on a range of products selected just for you all year round!


This is what we are offering you as a new program


- Faites plaisir à vos proches en une clique
- Choisissez la valeur de vos cadeaux
- Transmettez là directement sur le mail de vos proches
- Pour les anniversaires, les fêtes ou juste pour un sourire


It's a loyalty program and 100% digital on all your online purchases.
You also benefit from advantages thanks to the Sponsorship, Member and Premium card.
Electronic receipts for your online purchases will be available within 45 minutes.
For membership you must be old (e) 16 years of age or older to become a member.
Enjoy even more Maximum Benefits and become Premium Member Now.

All your sponsored online purchases allow you to earn Sponsorship points. When they reach the number of 10. Your referrals will appear in your account and the number will be automatically updated each time they purchase their first purchase.

Coming soon : You can also earn sponsorship points by evaluating your purchases.

This is a new loyalty program, on Mosean-paris.fr.
It includes new benefits, new ways to earn points with:
Sponsorship, likes, shares, comments and two levels of membership.
The voucher is issued within 30 days and will appear in My Account.
The reduction is valid for 3 months.
All receipts and order confirmations are available in My Account.
You will receive your welcome offer within 24 hours of creating your account on Mosean-paris.fr. You will find it in My Account. If you have not received it, check your spam or contact Customer Service .
You will receive your gift card within 24 hours of purchasing it on the concerned email in Mosean-paris.fr. You can send it to the email of your choice.
Attention it is only valid for a period of 6 months and for single use. No refund will be made after use for any reason. If you have not received it, check your spam or contact Customer Service .
With your email address and password by clicking here .
The Membership or Premium card is available in "Your account" and a validation email will be sent to you within 48 hours.
Please read the confidentiality clause for detailed information on personal data .

A voucher is valid only once and within a period of 3 months from the date of issue.

It depends on the offer, the validity time if there is generally indicated on the visual that describes it.

Yes, membership is personal and linked to your account.
You can cancel your membership under the conditions thereof by contacting Customer Service .

About membership

Membership in this program is 100% digital,
gives you significant advantages,
which will save you on your delivery and purchases.
You can also earn vouchers
and receive personalized offers.
Check your email regularly to find out about our new offers.
Sign up today and enter the world of Mosean !!

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